It’s True What They Say!

Kids say the funniest things don’t they?

I am not a parent, I am an uncle. So maybe I shouldn’t be preaching but hey, never mind. I did say there may be a little controversy so here goes.

Parents please listen, if your child is asking mummy what’s in that mans hand? when they see me guiding myself using my white stick, JUST TELL THEM. There really is no reason to be coy or embarrassed by it, In fact I am embarrassed for you that you can’t tell them. Most of the time I feel like turning around to educate the little critters myself but I am not sure how the parents would take it.

How are the future generations going to learn about disabilities from such an impressionable age if you don’t as parents help them along the way. There have been very few times when the parent does try to explain to the child what it is for and I say fair play to them. In fact some explanations can be pretty funny when you hear a parent trying  to explain and the child uses that magical word ‘WWHHHYYYY?’

For the rest, it for me begs the question, do they not know what it is for themselves?

They wouldn’t be alone I am sure, parents are getting younger maybe there parents never taught them, and so here is the problem. A lot of people with disabilities get set to one side of society at times treated a second best and incapable. Clearly that isn’t the case. If disability was being taught from the youngest of ages possible, I don’t think this would be the case.

With the Paralympics coming up, I urge you to watch some of the most awe-inspiring acts of human ability you will ever see. Sit down with your children and explain things. Get behind GB and embrace the remarkable people that are out there all around you.

That’s it for now

All the best


It’s True What They Say!

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