Im Sorry I Didn’t See You There

This time we are going for the funny side of life, afterall, no matter whether your sighted or not, we all can find ourselves in an odd situation or two.

so i am in the store trying to find a new shirt for a hot date. I have to admit I hate shopping at the best of times and at this particular stage of my sight loss journey i was at the stage where I wasn’t good at asking for help. A lot of VI people will tell you the same thing, it isnt easy to admit you need help with something and can take some time to come around to the idea, especially when you are as proud and stubborn as i was and probably still am.

So, i am in the shop, aimlessly wondering around with my cane groping lots of silk and lace, (most of it frilly) probably scaring most of the old ladies. Clearly I was in the wrong part of the store. So I decided to be brave and ask for help. From memory I recall the staff used to wear blue tops, not sure if this was actually the case or not but I decided to look for a person in a blue top. This is where it gets good. Having not been successful in finding a member of staff and none of them coming to my aid, probably due to my previous groping of old lady lingerie, I thought I would simply ask the next person I saw.

So having approached said person I uttered the words ‘excuse me, can you help?

I recieved no reply, so i tapped the person on the shoulder, the next thing i know the person falls over, to my shock, So, im leant down apologising over and over asking if they were ok, when rolling across the floor comes a head that hit my leg. It turns out the person i was asking for help from and indeed getting ignored by was in fact a manakin. I felled one of fashions dolls in my pursuit of a shirt for my hot date.

As I knealt there on the floor with my cane in one hand and a head in the other, I just couldnt stop laughing at the comic brilliance of a story that you just cant make up.

If you ever find yourselves in a similar spot, don’t worry about what others around you may think, just smile, laugh and carry on.

That’s it for now.
All the best


P.S I never did get that shirt.

Im Sorry I Didn’t See You There

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