Turn It Off & Turn It On Again

As I was going through the early stages of sight loss i never thought using a computer would be possible again. i found myself using a tiny magnifier which turned print into a magical new readable size on all of the letters from the gas company and the council tax letting me how much money i couldn’t afford to pay. But when it came to using the same lens to read the ever growing world of intrusive weirdo’s studying your every move on social media, the magnifier just wouldnt cut the mustard. Instead of the magical large print, all I ended up with was an enlarged pupil as if I had been popping the wrong kind of happy pills.
So after pretty much going day in and day out with a headache trying to read my conked out windows 98 cobwebbed covered PC for over a year, I was introduced to Dolphin computer systems. Having not known previously that dolphins knew anything about PC’s, I thought the person telling me was taking the piss. It turns out he was doing anything but.
At the time I was not a tech guy at all. I knew my way around a computer but that was about it. Everyone reading this should of course know what the basics are, I knew enough to take a PC apart and clean the fan to stop it over heating. Not that advanced really. So, when I discovered Dolphin Computer Systems I was very interested to see how it could help me.
Supernova which is the system I use myself is a screenreader along with screen magnification, I have no idea how it works and the binary doesn’t really bother me. But the simple fact is, it is life changing. In a world which is dominated by computers, Supernova gives me the ability to work in a professional environment effectivley. In fact, i am confident enough to say that it puts me on an equal playing field with most sighted people. For me thhe only problem is, it can’t always keep up with the speed I type at.
To Give you an idea of what the software does, and this makes it sound very simple when I am sure it isn’t. Basically, everything I type, everything I am looking at is both magnified and i spoken aloud to me, As someone who spent far to long playing championship manager giving myself worse headaches than Jagameister does, this is a big relief.
On a professional level it gives me the ability to work without restrictions on computing and frankly without it, I honestly couldn’t do my job. I couldnt write this blog and probably wouldn’t ve anywhere near the person I am now.

Dolpin themselves are a really good company with years of experience and I am always happy to promote their products not only on my blog but at the shop that I run in Cheltenham called Insight Gloucestershire. They have computer colutins to suit all needs and should you get stuck there friendly team are always on hand to jump on your machine and sort it out for you.

This is the first product review i have done on the blog, i am going to post a link to the Dolphin website. Please do let me know if you get pictures of Dolphins come up and not the market leader in accessible PC solutions as intended. If I am being totally honest I am using my Humanware Prodigi to write this blog. (sorry Dolphin).



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