Don’t Be Afraid To Talk

Given the fact this blog is called real life humour I do aim to write some comedy in all my posts. However today is different. I will not use any jokes at all and you will find out why as you read on.

Depression is no laughing matter, chances are if you live with sight loss you may well have been through it. There are many feelings and emotion that can lead to someone feeling down and depressed and it is extremely difficult to talk about it. The empty feeling you get when you feel all alone and that no one has ever been through what you feel now and that nothing can ever make the feeling of dread go away. I have been there myself, I was newly diagnosed with my sight loss, I had just lost my girlfriend my job and what felt like everything good about my once beautiful exhistance. It is one place I wish never to visit again. At the time you just don’t know what to do with yourself. You just keep living out the same stuff in your mind over and over again.

If you are reading this and you can relate to it but you have got through the down times and are now feeling good, you will know that there is no set course to make things better. The trigger comes when you least expect it and without prior warning. It could be a new job, it could be reluctantly spending time with friends you ignored for a while or it could be a smile from a beautiful person that you like. Whatever it is can’t be forced but you have to believe will come along sooner or later.

This year to people I know and was very fond of haven’t been able to get through the depression and instead have taken there own lives. I can’t imagine how down you have to be to do something like this. I was low and thought about it several times but could never act on it. It is a very sad time when something like this happens but at the same time it made me want to write about it to say to anyone that may read this post, you are not alone. if you ever feel that low there are always people around that want to listen and want to help you. Whether it’s your doctor, family or friend there is always someone you can rely on to support you through any period of feeling down. It may be difficult to approach the subject to someone you are close to and if that’s the case there is always the Samaritans.

Please do not feel isolated if you feel depressed, please talk to someone and sooner or later the trigger that will help you through the tough time will happen and you can start to rebuild your life back to the beautiful person you should be.

This has been a tough one to write and I am doing it in one take so that my feelings do not get blurred and that I don’t edit what I truly want to say. If there are any spelling mistakes then please do excuse me.

That’s it for now

A very emotional MRWG.


Don’t Be Afraid To Talk

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