Friends Are For Life Not Just For Christmas

So 2017 has been a very up and down year once again. There have been a lot of successes and a lot of failings but on this day I wish to declare 2017 a good year.

Let’s get the bad stuff out the way first, I have had two failed relationships, nothing new there. I seem to find a way to ruin things for myself all the time. I had a rather bad eye infection which I still feel causes me problems today, and I still haven’t got a new passport. The last of these is me procrastinating for no real reason other than being lazy.
I went through my usual bout of depression but this time I actually did something about it and paid a huge amount of my hard earned money to see a councillor and get things sorted in the nugget of a brain of mine.
Overall the bad stuff wasn’t all that bad I guess, I’m still alive after all. I am still writing for the Huffington Post and I have a few more trophies in my ever growing collection. Seriously, I need a new shelf to put them on, it’s crowded now.

So a couple more women decided I wasn’t for them, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. However in my efforts to find the love of my life I have found something even more special; true friendship, I am not saying I never had true friends before, I did. In fact I still do, surprise surprise. Unlike the failed relationships I am able to hold down a good friendship or two, crazy I know.

During my efforts trawling through the hundreds of women using Plenty of Fish (other dating apps are available) I met one person this year in particular who has changed my life in so many ways it is hard to explain. You can define friendship in so many ways but you always know when you meet someone special. Someone who changes your opinion on people, someone who just has something that you know will last forever and someone who teaches you the true value of friendship without even knowing she has done it.

Stupidly when I was with one of my girlfriends this year I pushed her away. Which I really shouldn’t have done, it was a silly mistake and one which took a lot of making up. But we are now back on track and good friends – In fact I would go as far as to say we are true friends.

The point of telling this story is simple, you may not find the love of your life on a dating app, you may find a few people that want nothing more than a one night stand, you may find someone who is nothing like their profile suggests. But if you are really lucky, you can click with someone on more than just a romantic level. You can find someone who will always be there for you no matter what. If you are down and need a shoulder to cry on she’s there, If you have an eye infection she’s there, If you need a volunteer driver, she’s there.

At the end of the day, I know I may not have found the love of my life but I have found a friend for life and that is far more important than a relationship that can go bad.

I know the person this blog is referring to will read this and I hope she enjoys it.

That’s it for now
Until next time