She Read It But Didn’t Reply!!!

Technology, what a wonderful thing it is, we all use it all of the time. But my word it can get you in trouble. Picture this, I was stood outside the bar the other day minding my own business smoking a cigarette. A couple of people walk past me and into the bar. A normal conversation being had but I have to say I listened in, call it my bat like hearing maybe but I rarely miss something that makes me laugh.
 So the lady tells the guys, I messaged her but she never replied, this got me thinking, how many times I have thought this myself. So, here she is, messaged a friend, friend receives said message, reads it but is too busy to reply, can’t be bothered to reply or maybe the shock of the received message meant she dropped her phone down the toilet, either way, she read it but didn’t reply.

As senders of said messages we now have the ability to tell that it has indeed been read but of course have no idea why it hasn’t been replied too.

So the inevitable interrogation in one’s own mind begins.
Have I upset her?
Is she ok?
Why hasn’t she replied?
‘Damn it I never liked that b***h anyway’.

 Of course all of these thoughts are pointless, there are likely many reasons why the person hasn’t replied and chances are they are not any of the negative reasons you are thinking when you are seemingly being ignored.

 The funny thing is, years ago we never had the ability of knowing if the message had been read and so the rage of not getting a reply was reduced to you thinking, ‘oh well they must not have read it yet, they must be busy or didn’t have their phone with them’.

Thanks to the clever people of Facebook and Whatsapp we now get a glimpse into other people’s message reading non replying ways and without that prompt reply we are all left wondering why. I have often found myself looking at the blue ticks on Whatsapp or at the little head that shows itself on Messenger to signify the correspondence has been received. Waiting with baited breath my reply is either being typed back or realising I am in fact being ignored and my message was likely seen as an annoying irritant that was not enhancing the day of the person it had been sent too.

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology but do we really need to know when a message has been read. Can we not just leave some things a mystery? I realise I am slightly contradicting myself there but I have learnt the hard way that you should never say to someone ‘you read the message 3 hours ago, where was my reply’? People don’t like that!

The moral of the story is be patient, they will reply, you don’t know what is going on with them at the time, there will be a valid reason and they will get back to you.

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Blind Sport, Are You ‘Avin A Laugh’?

Blind people playing sport, are you having a laugh? How do you do it? I think you’re amazing, these are just some of the things I hear when speaking to people about my love for playing sport.

I have written blogs on my Real Life Humour blog about sports in the vein attempt to inspire others around me to get involved. When I founded the Gloucestershire Growlers VI Cricket team I was so desperately short of players to get it off the ground I nearly gave up. Me and my friend would sit in the bar trying to come up with ways of getting more people involved. Thankfully it all panned out well in the end I am now (along with my team mates) a blind cricket league winner. But going back to the questions posed at the start, how do you do it?

The simple answer to this is skill and talent but we all know that is the arrogant, moronic and big headed comments that I am so often being told off for saying. The truth is hard work and dedication. Life will always put things in your path to try and block you from moving forward. For some it could be health issues, for others like many of you it is sight loss and for most of us with these issues it is a mental problem. That’s not to say we have mental health issues but it isn’t easy living with sight loss.

When people say I think you are amazing for doing things like cricket, pool or even walking around with my white stick of doom, I just smile and say thank you. I think you’re pretty awesome too. The truth is I don’t consider myself amazing for carrying out everyday tasks or playing sport. There are many reasons why I do play sport, mostly it is because I love to compete. There is no better feeling for me than winning. I hope any future wife I may find doesn’t read this because I get the feeling I would prefer to compete than do a lot of the couple things I hear so much about. Probably why I am still hunting for that special someone. I think I may have found her now though, don’t tell her I told you.

For me though sport is not only about competing, it is a way of life. It is the most social thing you can do, it’s a great way to meet new people and it is a great way to keep fit or lose the winter beer belly in my case.

I am fortunate enough to have played team sports for most of my life and I have always used them as a catalyst to build confidence in myself and others around me. There is no better feeling for me than winning medals or the rushes you get when a game is near its conclusion and you only need a few more runs to win the game. You a standing on the side-lines bugging the scorer because you can’t see the players on the pitch. I am quite sure the scorer gets annoyed at the need for update requests every 45 seconds but we are that excited we just have to know. Then the winning runs are scored and, well actually you don’t really know what happened. The best sighted people are usually on the pitch acting as runners. So the exciting squeal of emotions is lessened somewhat but you get the picture. You have won the game, you are one step closer to winning the league and you are on top of the world. If only we had a commentator at these games it would make life a lot easier.

If I can offer you any word of advice it would be simply this, if you have never tried a sport but you have a little bit of interest in doing so, don’t hesitate. Contact British Blind Sport and see what is on offer in your area. Don’t let nerves stop you from doing it as it could be the best decision you make that day. Sport brings people together, it gives you the chance to speak to people you never would have before. It broadens your social circle and it gives you the confidence to go move onto other things afterwards. It could be the start of something beautiful and you will never know unless you try.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts, thank you to Henshaws for asking me to get involved with their brilliant work. If you want to read any more of my ramblings, you can find me here –

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