Review Of The Week #1

As any good human being should, every now and then you have to change things up a bit to keep things fresh. Hence this new hopefully weekly addition to my blog, my review of the week. I do like to keep you all guessing as to what my posts mean, it is my own evil sense of humour what does it.

This week my review of the week is going to be all about local bars in Cheltenham. As a member of Cheltenham’s local bar fan club, I like to think I know a thing or two when it comes to the qualities that make a good bar. I may be the only member of my club, but still.

I have certain expectations when it comes to  a good pub, not much is better than a good pool table, good beer and good music. That being said, The Feathered Fish on Winchcombe Street is one of the better pubs around. An excellent pool table which is usually well maintained. There are usually good people, good staff who enjoy a good banter as much as the punters do. Sadly let down by it’s choice of music although secret DJ does allow you to remedy this if indeed you can find anything on there worthwhile. Not many have, a rubbish app that is so hard to use its unreal. The pub also boasts a great function room and serves very tasty food at a reasonable price. It must be said that the pub is not wheelchair accessible but is blind person friendly on the whole.

Feathered Fish, Winning! 7 out of 10, just sort that glass issue out and I will raise it to 7.1.

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I am a big fan of live music, I was quite upset when the St Pauls Tavern closed down. An institution in it’s own right and always an absolute blast when everyone got together. Nicky was awesome and always made me laugh. Some of the best live music acts I have ever seen, played at the Tavern. Cashes Green were there for there first ever gig and tore the place down. A great band with a bright future. I met some great people there who have supported me in some of my fundraising efforts having performed at the HRCC Beer Festival which we hold every year. Dan Browne has been a brilliant help with that and what a talent he is. A great voice and excellent performer. Not to mention Gaf, who is simply brilliant. I have sung with these guys as well, they tolerated my voice but we all had a great laugh doing it. Sad to see the closure of the Tavern.

Now the best place to go for these simply brilliant talents is the Cotswold Inn. A great little venue always full of people celebrating the joys of life. A fine little pub which is now home to the world famous Sunday and Tuesday Open Mic nights, and of course the Kareoke on a Wednesday. Always a great laugh and if your lucky you might even get to hear Matt Hyde sing. He knows all the words to one song and he is proud of it. Good on you Matt.

Cotswold Inn, big thumbs up – 7 out of 10. Keep up the good work!

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if you are looking for all out carnage then the Bierkeller could be for you. Three times I have tried it now and three times it hasn’t let me down. You have a scouse german on the microphone singing his little oompa heart out.

Apart from when you are at the bar people are hardly ever in your way due to the fact they are all on the tables dancing and trying not to fall over and some making every effort to keep themselves decent. Longer dresses will do that job for you ladies.

The beers not to bad either. Vastly over priced but hey. Someone has to pay old ScouseGermanOooompaMan.

Bierkeller – Good effort but for me a bit to pricey – 6 out of 10.

In the interest of fairness I probably should include somewhere I don’t like. So, that being said here goes. The Midland hotel on Gloucester Road. Not the best place I have ever been to. Although effort was made to make things happen there, it never really took off. Beer was ok, atmosphere left a lot to be desired. If a pub was a pit stop before you went off on your travels, then this would be it. Just there to serve a thirsty punter whilst he is waiting for a train. No decent food to talk of and the last time I was in there, MAGIC FM was on the TV. This was on a Friday evening whist I was pit-stopping waiting for a friend. Next time I think I will get a brown paper bag and a bottle of whisky and sit outside. Not much of a difference either way.

Head back sooner for more reviews on all sorts of different subjects and if you would like me to review something then please let me know.

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Review Of The Week #1