The Power Of Social Media

So these days social media has almost taken over the entire world. You can’t go anywhere without checking your Facebook or seeing whats trending on Twitter. I have to admit, I do the same myself so I talk from experience. But every time I do, I see a stupid status like New Year new me!!! All I can think is, stop trying to fool yourself. We all know that you say it every year. Just check back on your Facebook feed using the on this day feature and you will see. For the last 10 years, every January, the same thing. New Year new me. Either you have changed every year, or the more likely situation, you woke up on January the 1st and all of a sudden, you slip back into the same old you. I mean seriously, what can you change. Be more confident, a New Year doesn’t bring new confidence and you can’t just wake up and feel better about yourself. You have to work towards the new you. Go to the gym, take up a sport or just stop being a miserable old git. 

Checking the trends on Twitter, this is a thing now. You open the app, you see a name of a celebrity, the first  thing you think is ARE THEY DEAD? It’s a horrible thought but with the way celebrities are dropping like flies this year, its almost what Twitter is now used for. I was having the very morbid conversation not to long ago with my girlfriend. Asking the question let’s see if anyone else is knocking on the pearly gates when George Michael’s name popped up. IS HE DEAD? This time the suspicious was true, funny though how Twitter has become my first thought when it comes to checking the state of whether or not celbreties have indeed bitten the dust. A very odd thought I know but hey. 

I love YouTube, I havent taken the time yet to make videos myself, maybe one day I will, not sure I really have the creativity and who wants to see my ugly mug chatting rubbidh to you. I think I will stick to writing. I do enjoy watching the creative minds of others such as the WhatCulture wrestling. I am a big wrestling fan and have been since I was a kid, nothing like watching to big muscle men fight over a shiny pieece of gold. The WhatCulture boys and their unique take on wrestling is always entertaining. Especially King Ross, the man is a genius. 

When social media first came to be, I wasn’t planning on jumping on the band wagon, but now that it has reached some incredible heights, you can’t seem to go a day without learning what someone has cooked for tea, or seeing that they have made a point of sharing the fact that they have just been for a walk to fetch a pint of milk. I am sure that some people are worried about this information. Staggering as that may be. 

I use social media to share important stories, to promote my blog and to share events such as the beer festival at our cricket club. It is a wondeful tool to spread information all over the world at a rate of knots that can’t always been quantified and long may it continue. 

That’s it for now.

Speak again soon